What if...

Poem by 
Jeff Hays
February 23, 2021

What if I lose you?

This worry

Has always been there.

Interfering with love.

What if I lose you?

What if you meet a man

That can do all the things

I can’t do?

What if my nightmare adversary,

(You know the one, that tall son of a bitch)

Enters our life?

With you,

I have none of these old childish worries.


Then, there it is.

What if I lose you?

Oh, that one.

That’s new…

The opening of old wounds,

My original wound.

My mom.

She died.

She left.

What if one of us “leaves”?

We will.

Both of us.

The love remains.

So, there it is.

The truth.

I love you with all of my heart.

It transcends this body, this time.

It doesn’t end.

Love remains.

And so we celebrate

The impermanence of life,

And the permanence of love.

You hold my heart,

And I hold yours.

Love remains.

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