Bitter Sweet

Poem by 
Jeff Hays
November 12, 2020

Bitter sweet

Your cancer intrudes…

On our love story.


It just doesn’t fit.

But there it is.

Few children like bitter.

As a kid, my head would recoil

At just a lick of a lemon.

“A snickers bar for me, thank you”

But we are not kids anymore.

And we’ve learned

The real sweetness of life requires bitter.

I’ve learned.

Why precious life lessons haven’t been just sweet.

The sweetness is in the bitter.

Why can’t it be easy?

Because the sweetness of life requires this experience.

And so,

I settle into our love.

No net, no backdoor, no retreat.

Thank you.

Thank you for letting me love you with my whole heart.

Thank you for taking this risk with me.

Bitter sweet.

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