Your light is clear

Poem by 
Jeff Hays
January 20, 2021

Ok, this is as real as it gets.

You fret

We’re leaving for Tulum tomorrow.

A few days in the sun

In the dead of winter

A week after chemo.



You feel your skin is hanging

You worry your beautifully crafted body has betrayed you,

Abandoned you.

You’re embarrassed.

You try on clothes for an hour.

Alternating between feeling shallow for caring

And feeling that cancer has taken too much,

That you’ve lost too much.

Once again I hold you

As your tears fall on my shoulder.

Oh, my beautiful woman.

I love you so.

You’ve lost nothing.

I have only dreamed of holding

Such a beautiful woman


You shine

Your light is clear

You radiate love.

And you don’t see it.

I see.

Look with me,

For a moment

Through my eyes.

Join me

See what I see.

Bittersweet perfection.

Growing, changing, evolving

As I watch


From caterpillar

To butterfly.


The caterpillar loses nothing.

Thank you God,

For another day of life

With this precious woman.

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